Johan Loman is the Marketing Director of Barkalot, a brand for a new generation of dog owners, joined in their love for animals, sustainable thinking, and appreciation for beautiful things. 

Between 2019 and 2022 he was the Head of Marketing of Babyshop Group, a leading luxury and premium online retailer group for baby and children's fashion and products. With an annual sales run rate of over €120 million, catering 130 countries and reaching over 1 000 000 customers Babyshop Group is one of the biggest in its field. The group run a number of store fronts such as BabyshopAlex & Alexa , Melijoe and a handful of private labels designed and developed in-house.

Prior to Babyshop Group Johan was the Marketing Director and a partner of Stutterheim Raincoats. Loman worked with the company since his first investment in 2010, joining full-time in 2013. Together with the product mind behind the brand, Alexander Stutterheim, he built the business, handling brand development, PR and marketing and digital sales. With an extensive background in strategic communications at renowned firms like Lowe and Partners Worldwide, Hill & Knowlton, McCann and Jung Relations. He has crafted Stutterheim’s easy elegance, low drama and signature understated narrative in the market.

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